Tennis Predictions for WTA Parma | OKBet Tennis 2022 Sorribes Tormo Will Attack Trevisan’s Backhand

Tennis Predictions

Tennis Predictions of OKBet Tennis 2022

Tennis Predictions
  • WTA Parma resumes on Tuesday with some early starts on the clay.
  • David Gertler has chosen two games that are worth betting on.
  • His opinions on Erika Andreeva vs. Dalma Galfi and Sara Sorribes Tormo vs. Martina Trevisan are included below.

Tennis Predictions

Tennis Prediction on Monday saw a slew of exciting matches on Parma’s clay, and the action continues on Tuesday! On Tuesday’s order of play, I discovered two matches with worth that we may take advantage of. My analysis and forecasts are provided here at OKBet Tennis Predictions.

Dalma Galfi (+112) vs. Erika Andreeva (-136)

OKBet Tennis of Erika Andreeva easily beat Rebeka Masarova 6-2, 6-2 to qualify for the Parma main event. Andreeva won 73% of her first-serve points and was broken just twice throughout the match. She also won 57% of her return points and six times broke Masarova’s serve. Andreeva won 59% of her return points and broke 11 times in qualifying, if we consider her first-round qualifying win against Federica Di Sarra.

Andreeva, as she demonstrated against Masarova, absorbs power effectively and is not readily pushed about the baseline. Andreeva travels efficiently across the court and lands her strokes in precise areas. And it’s worked this season, with the 18-year-old Russian going 26-12 on clay and 41-18 overall at OKBet Tennis.

Tennis Predictions

Dalma Galfi has been struggling lately, losing 6-7(5), 6-7(3) to Emma Navarro in the first round of the Budapest Open last week. Galfi was broken six times in two sets, winning just 49% of her serve points. She did, however, break Navarro’s serve six times, albeit it wasn’t enough to win the match.

Galfi is 11-12 on clay this season and has lost four of her last five matches. Galfi possesses a powerful forehand that she utilizes to control the game and put her opponents on the defensive. However, the Hungarian’s backhand is average, her rally tolerance is low, and she isn’t the greatest mover at OKBet.

Andreeva is a rising talent with a well-rounded game. She moves better than Galfi and has a greater rally tolerance. Andreeva will be able to outlast Galfi from the baseline in extended rallies. Given her positioning, Andreeva will be able to keep the ball on Galfi’s backhand.

Andreeva is also an excellent power absorber, and she will minimize Galfi’s forehand if the Hungarian is able to smash out from that wing. Galfi will have to take more chances in order to hit through Andreeva, and the Russian will compel her to overhit from the baseline.

Martina Trevisan (+128) vs. Sara Sorribes Tormo (-165)

OKBet Tennis Sara Sorribes Tormo has lost four of her previous five matches, most recently at the US Open, when she was defeated 3-6, 4-6 by Viktoria Kuzmova. In the match, Sorribes Tormo won just 51% of her first serves and 37% of her second serves, with Kuzmova dominating her on the fast US Open courts. The clay of Parma, on the other hand, symbolizes completely different circumstances that are more suited to Sorribes Tormo’s style.

Sorribes Tormo is 12-5 on clay in 2022 and 222-111 throughout her career. Sorribes Tormo has exceptional fitness and consistency, and she counterpunches really well. But Sorribes Tormo might be vulnerable against aggressive players if she doesn’t obtain adequate depth on her groundstrokes. Martina Trevisan will be relieved to be back on clay after losing 1-6, 4-6 on Portoroz’s hard courts. In the match, Trevisan only won 35% of her serve points and was broken eight times in nine service games. Trevisan did break four times on return, but she was outmatched from the start, with Siniakova dominating.

Tennis Predictions

Trevisan is a considerably superior clay courter, going 15-6 on the year and reaching the Roland Garros quarterfinals. Trevisan’s game revolves on her powerful lefty forehand, which she uses to dominate the baseline. Trevisan’s backhand, on the other hand, is fragile, and she struggles to strike past opponents from the baseline. Sorribes Tormo has the most consistent game of the two. The Spaniard will utilize her foot speed to keep points alive until she can trap Trevisan in her backhand corner and extract mistakes from that wing on OKBet.

Sorribes Tormo suffers against strong players who can hit through her from the baseline, while Trevisan lacks the ability to do so consistently. Trevisan will not force Sorribes Tormo to leave her comfort zone, instead allowing the Spaniard to grind her down.

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