Tennis News | I never defeated Federer, but Djokovic was the one who made me feel the most uneasy 2022

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“Tennis News – I never defeated Federer, but Djokovic was the one who made me feel the most uneasy.” Former World No. 3 David Ferrer recently claimed that Novak Djokovic was his most difficult opponent, despite having a worse head-to-head record versus Roger Federer.

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Ferrer officially retired from the sport in 2019, having won 27 championships. In an interview with El Mundo, he said that, although he never beat Federer, he felt Djokovic to be the most difficult player to face on the court.

The Serb, according to the 40-year-old, made him the most uncomfortable during matches.

“This is determined by each player’s qualities. I never defeated Federer, but when Djokovic was terrific at the Tennis News, he was the one who made me feel the most uneasy, since he couldn’t hit him with any of my blows “Ferrer said. “And I got the idea that when he was well, he couldn’t even defeat him in one game,” he continued.

David Ferrer on Davis Cup player participation: “This is like any other competition.”

David Ferrer is presently the tournament director for the Davis Cup. When asked about the presence or absence of certain players at this year’s event, the Spaniard responded that it was similar to any other tournament and that there may be a variety of reasons why a player was absent.

“This is a competition, just like any other at the Tennis News. You expect certain players to arrive, but if they are injured or anything else occurs, we have no control over it “He stated himself.
Ferrer also discussed Carlos Alcaraz’s absence and how it affected Spain’s championship hopes.

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“It’s a shame about Carlos Alcaraz for the Tennis News, since he was already in Valencia as the number one. We played in Spain, and it’s a major decrease for the squad and the competition, but in the end, I’m pleased with the players that have arrived and the teams out there. Davis is the finest competitor in this regard “He said.

Tennis News six-time Davis Cup winners Spain lost to Croatia in the quarterfinals of the Davis Cup Finals without Rafael Nadal and Alcaraz. Marin Cilic defeated Pablo Carreno Busta 5-7, 6-3, 7-6 to eliminate the Spaniards (5).

Despite having lost all three of their previous Davis Cup matches against Spain, the absence of Nadal and Alcaraz provided Croatia the advantage in this year’s battle.