The Rotoworld Draft Guide now includes full-league statistics forecasts for the 2022-23 season! The Rotoworld hoops staff diligently hand-crafts these forecasts, which are updated daily. This isn’t an algorithm spitting out stats without regard for context – we consider every injury timetable, changing roles, returning teammates, new coaches, offseason reports, and so much more, leveraging decades of collective experience at OKBet Basketball 2022.


How accurate are our forecasts? Rotoworld’s anticipated minutes for the season, for example, are within 0.67% of the ideal objective. There will be 590,000 minutes played throughout the league, and our total (which fluctuates very little each day) is presently 586,453 (99.33%). Throughout the Draft Guide, the same degree of detail is used.

Rotoworld’s exclusive forecasts serve as the foundation for our industry-leading Top-200 rankings for 8-cat, 9-cat, and Points-based leagues. We can run the calculations to calculate objective fantasy values with complete confidence in our forecasts, allowing the data to speak for themselves at OKBet Basketball 2022.

Look no farther than Rotoworld’s Staff-Average Top-200 list for an even broader range of rating viewpoints! You’ll discover personal Top-200 lists from each member of our basketball staff, as well as an average of our rankings. This is your one-stop shop if you like to go into your drafts with an industry-expert baseline for rankings.

The basketball team has also published 300+ Player Outlooks, such as this one for Mavs sensation Luka Doncic:

Rotoworld Draft Guide at 2021-22

The Mavericks’ superstar earned his third All-Star and All-NBA First Team nod, averaging 28.4 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 8.7 assists per game. He set a career best in shot attempts (21.6), 3-pointers (3.1), steals (1.2), and blocks (1.2). (0.6). His turnovers set new highs (4.5) and he remained erratic at the free-throw line (74.4% on 7.5 attempts), a pair of asterisks that kept him out of the top-20 in 8-cat/9-cat. In H2H, he was still an early-round pick, and in DFS-point-scoring leagues, he was third only behind Nikola Joki and Giannis Antetokounmpo. He guided the Mavericks to the Western Conference finals, where they were defeated in five games by the champion Warriors at OKBet.

What Has Changed

According to all sources, Luka has taken his training and nutrition extremely seriously this summer. He’s previously dismissed criticism of his weight and fitness, and it’s difficult to disagree with his on-court performance at OKBet. He will, however, need to be in peak form to reach another level and maintain it into the playoffs. “Shortly after the conclusion of the season, [Luka] approached me and stated that he wanted to resume fitness training immediately,” one of his trainers claimed in August. They worked for three weeks with Goran Dragi. The national team action came next. He requested for a work plan while he went on vacation.”

It would be foolish to bet against Luka this season

He’s still just 23, and if his dedication to fitness continues, he may potentially flirt with a 30/10/10 triple-double. It’s not a stretch to believe he’ll improve as a free-throw shooter (albeit we’ve said that each of the last two offseasons). Furthermore, the greatest impact of his enhanced fitness may be in terms of games played at OKBet. Luka played 72 games as a rookie, but has averaged 64 games in the three seasons afterwards. Durability is crucial with 35+ minutes each game and opponents keyed onto his every move. In any fantasy format, you’ll need to spend a top-five choice to get him – that’s a little pricey in 9-cat, but there’s a good argument for him as the No. 1 player in points leagues.

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