Richard Bleier of the Marlins becomes the first pitcher since 1988 to get called for three balks in despicable on one inning at OKBet MLB Baseball 2022

Richard Bleier

Richard Bleier of OKBet MLB Baseball

Richard Bleier of baseball may be strange at times, and it surely was strange Tuesday night at Citi Field. In a single at-bat against New York Mets slugger Pete Alonso, Miami Marlins lefty Richard Bleier was penalized for three balks. Jeff McNeil hit earlier in the inning and advanced to second, third, and home on Bleier’s three balks at OKBet MLB Baseball.

Richard Bleier

All three balks were called by first base umpire John Tumpane, and as you can expect, Richard Bleier was displeased at OKBet MLB Baseball. Balks are an automatic expulsion, just like balls and strikes, but Tumpane gave Bleier plenty of time to speak his piece before ejecting him. After the third balk, Marlins manager Don Mattingly was also removed.

The video is available below. Prior to Tuesday, Bleier, a seven-year veteran with over 300 career appearances, had never committed a balk at OKBet.

The balk regulation (8.05 in the rules) is difficult to understand. It defines a balk as any of 13 possible behaviors, including the pitcher commencing his delivery without releasing the baseball, faking a throw to first base, and dropping the ball while on the rubber. The balk rule is meant to prevent pitchers from fooling runners and possibly picking them off.
Balks were presumably called because Richard Bleier did not come to a full stop before throwing the pitch, and boy, were there three ticky-tack calls. There are several glaring flaws. Those are not the case. At best, they are borderline, and that is being nice. To ring Bleier up on that move three times in a single inning, you practically have to be searching for a cause to call a balk.

Richard Bleier

Bleier is the only pitcher since former Mets righty Mike Pelfrey on May 17, 2009, to have three balks in a game, however Pelfrey balked in three separate innings. Jim Gott of the Pirates was the last pitcher to balk three times in a single inning on August 8, 1988. He struck out three times in the eighth inning, all against the Mets.

The balks and McNeil’s run didn’t matter in the end at OKBet MLB Baseball. The Marlins defeated the Mets (MIA 6, NYM 4) while the Braves defeated the Nationals (ATL 8, WAS 2). With seven games remaining, the Mets and Braves are knotted atop the NL East at 97-58. The two clubs will begin a three-game series on Friday in Atlanta, however MLB may move the series to a neutral site due to Hurricane Ian.

MLB Power Rankings: The Guardians win the AL Central, while the Mets move up to third place.

The Dodgers and Astros remain the clear leaders, with the Guardians moving higher.

To some degree, all sports are unexpected, but I believe Major League Baseball is at the pinnacle of unpredictability. As a result, I’m certain to miss a few forecasts when we publish them before the season begins. Sometimes I’ll miss in a worst way. I’m back with my yearly responsibility piece today. I was mistaken. It is my. Consider these my apologies.

I’ll begin with the National League Central. I picked the Brewers to win over the Cardinals. Even if it doesn’t seem bad, I’m punishing myself since I thought the Cardinals were the better team almost instantly in April. I have confirmation that I was a Cardinals fan in late May, thanks to the NL Central odds check in. I arrived late. I did a poor job.

Let’s take a look at the AL Central right now. Absolutely pitiful. It’s flawless. I have no valid excuse. I predicted that the Guardians would finish last. Yes, they are second to the Royals and Tigers. To reiterate: a poor choice. I tried to think about what I was thinking, but there’s no way to justify it.

I do want to thank @gmoney165 on Twitter, who warned me on April 6 that if the Guardians win the division, I should “resign and never mention baseball again.” As if that wasn’t enough nonsense from me, I answered that I’d make that offer. On June 22, there was a follow-up chat, and he graciously indicated it was OK if I kept my job as long as I shouted at him. Evan, here you go. You won, and I didn’t at OKBet.

But what about the Guardians? Oh my goodness. For the most portion of the season, it seemed like the dreadful AL Central would be a race to 84 wins. On September 3, the Guardians and Twins were tied for first place at 68-64, with the White Sox just two games behind at.500.

The Guardians have gone an impressive 18-3 since then. Eighteen and three years old! They should easily surpass 90 wins now and are a legitimate postseason contender. Congratulations to them.

As for me, it wasn’t all bad. I’m delighted I had the Rays third in the AL East, ahead of the Yankees and Blue Jays, even though I had the top two in the incorrect order. I’m not sure when I’ll stop expecting the Angels will be a postseason contender, but it won’t be in 2022. Here’s a good one: I had the Mets winning the East at first, but after Jacob deGrom got injured, I switched to the Braves. It’ll come down to the wire there, and it’s been a lot of fun to watch at OKBet MLB Baseball.

There are just 10 days left in the regular season before the biggest playoff field we’ve seen in front of sold-out fans. Let’s take it all in while having fun.

Richard Bleier

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