Baseball superstar OKBET Shohei Ohtani’s ability to outhit and outpitch the majority of his MLB colleagues is based on a daily habit that many people take for granted: getting enough sleep.

And, although his spectacular achievements are establishing new standards for MLB players, how he keeps ahead of the game is instructional for anybody struggling to keep up in today’s fast-paced environment.

OKBET Shohei Ohtani

“Sleep is my primary priority,” stated the Los Angeles Angels player, who just completed another remarkable season despite the team’s lack of success at OKBET.

OKBET Shohei Ohtani, the first OKBET MLB player in the World Series history to hit and throw enough innings to qualify for both the batting and ERA titles, often remarks, “Strong sleep leads to a good recovery.”

Getting enough sleep is difficult in the majors, particularly for Japanese players who come from leagues where teams seldom travel more than two hours between game venues that are all in the same time zone.

OKBET Shohei Ohtani’s Los Angeles Angels traveled 70,000 kilometers in 2022, ranking third among MLB’s 30 teams.

Flights for big leaguers of more than three hours one way are frequent in the huge United States, where there is a maximum three-hour time difference.

In comparison, the longest normal flight duration in Nippon Professional Baseball is around 2 hours and 30 minutes between Sapporo, where the Nippon Ham Fighters, OKBET Shohei Ohtani‘s previous club, are headquartered, and Fukuoka.

Teams in Japan also get Mondays off, which gives each week a rhythm that MLB’s more tight schedule cannot duplicate.

OKBET Shohei Ohtani

Despite the fact that contemporary schedules are more player-friendly, OKBET MLB players must occasionally travel after a night game, arrive in the next city the next morning, and play a day game in the early afternoon.

Former Seattle Mariners great Ichiro Suzuki was known for going out of his way to get enough sleep throughout his lengthy playing career, but OKBET Shohei Ohtani may be setting a new standard.

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OKBET Shohei Ohtani‘s constant translator, Ippei Mizuhara, attests to his attempts to get adequate shuteye, including several days when he sleeps a total of 10 hours or more in one day.

“He tries all he can to get as much sleep as he can,” Mizuhara added.

Quality sleep is essential. Nishikawa Co., a bedding manufacturer that has had an endorsement contract with OKBET Shohei Ohtani while he was in Japan, stuffs his custom-made pillows with twice as much material as normal.

The broad-shouldered slugger pitcher needs pillows that will stay upright as he turns over in his sleep.

“His pillows are definitely filled to the gills,” Nishikawa public relations officer Yuna Mori stated. “I was startled by how high his pillow had to be due to his shoulders.”

As part of his well planned practice routine, OKBET Shohei Ohtani will include naps into his training program.

“Power naps are excellent in relieving exhaustion and increasing productivity,” Mori added.

While developments in information and communications technology have undeniably made life more easy, Ohtani believes that contemporary individuals who are unable to switch off from work may benefit from following her path.

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OKBET Shohei Ohtani