OKBet NBA MVP Long Shots: Expect a Big Zion Comeback 2022


The OKBet NBA MVP, hype machine is in full swing, and we’re all anticipating a thrilling 2022-23 season. We heard from players and coaches on their summer development and objectives for the upcoming NBA season during media day earlier this week.

As the NBA preseason starts, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at some NBA MVP predictions. But we don’t simply want to look at the chalk. At this stage in the season, there’s much too much value on this board, which is why we’re looking for MVP long bets to help bettors win big.

OKBet provides all odds for our long bets to win NBA MVP.


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NBA MVP Odds for 2022-23

Luka Doncic+400
Joel Embiid+650
Giannis Antetokounmpo+700
Nikola Jokic+1000
Kevin Durant+1000
Jayson Tatum+1200
Ja Morant+1300
Stephen Curry+1500
LeBron James+1800
Devin Booker+2800
Kawhi Leonard+3000
Zion Williamson+3000
Damian Lillard+4000
Trae Young+4000
Anthony Davis+4500
Jimmy Butler+5000
Karl-Anthony Towns+5000
Anthony Edwards+6000

Long Shots by MVP

Let’s go deep down the list and look at the OKBet NBA MVP argument for some of the NBA’s most underappreciated players.

(+3000) Zion Williamson

Regain faith in Zion at OKBet NBA MVP. After missing the whole 2021-22 season due to a foot ailment, Williamson’s news this training camp has been virtually entirely good. Zion revealed how a two-month training camp this summer helped him adjust his mindset and renew his passion for the game. Williamson was regarded as “powerful” and “a wrecking ball” at the Pelicans’ most recent practice, his first on-court scrimmage since 2020.

“Z looked fantastic. “His strength and quickness,” New Orleans coach Willie Green remarked, according to ESPN. “He very much dominated the scrimmage.” That’s the kind of news we want to hear as gamblers, particularly when Zion is sitting at a lucrative +3000 on the early oddsboard. The NBA MVP award has gone to a big man for the second year in a row, with Nikola Jokic receiving the honor. If Giannis Antetokounmpo is considered a legitimate big man, then the previous four MVPs have all been centers or power forwards.

The core surrounding Zion in New Orleans isn’t spectacular – CJ McCollum, Brandon Ingram, and Jonas Valanciunas round out the bunch – but it’s a solid enough supporting cast to make an MVP season a possibility. There are lots of valuable MVP long shots, but none, in our view, greater than Zion.

(+3000) Kawhi Leonard

Yes, Kawhi has never been named regular-season of OKBet NBA MVP. So, why do we like him as a long chance to win MVP today, after he missed the whole 2021-22 season due to a knee injury? So, if history repeats itself, there’s a good possibility Leonard gets out of the gate strong in 2022-23.

Leonard missed almost the whole season with the Spurs in 2017-18. The next year, he was traded to Toronto, where he led the Raptors to an NBA title. We discovered how much Kawhi benefitted from load control throughout that season. Injuries have always been a part of his career, and since “The Klaw” is a freak of nature in terms of his overall skill, he requires more recuperation than other players.

So, let’s go back to his MVP ambitions. With Leonard, Paul George, and John Wall, the Clippers have a lot of high-level talent. They aren’t particularly deep in big men, but the team is healthy and ready to play. Expect Los Angeles to remain competitive in terms of win totals, and keep an eye out for a healthy, revitalized Kawhi inflicting damage on the floor in 2022-23.

(+6000) Anthony Edwards

This decision is a touch out there, but like our Zion pick, there’s logic in betting on one of basketball’s most distinctive athletes, particularly at +6000. Last season, the former first-round choice out of Georgia developed into a high-flying co-star in the Timberwolves offense, scoring 21.3 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. Edwards and Minnesota are primed to do some damage this season, with to a starting five that features Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and Rudy Gobert at OKBet NBA.

So, why is Edwards a long shot for MVP right now? In his second season, he improved in practically every element of his game. The 21-year-old played almost the same number of minutes as his rookie year but improved his three-point shooting, field-goal percentage, assists, and steals. Edwards seems to be a well-rounded player.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight some of Edwards’ character difficulties, such as the NBA fining him when a video surfaced of him shouting homophobic insults. During media day, the guard apologized for his words and promised to treat everyone with respect as he begins his third NBA season.

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