MLB Underdog Betting Report for 2022 Moneyline, Runline, and Pitcher Records at OKBet Baseball Esports

MLB Underdog

MLB Underdog at OKBet Baseball Esports

MLB Underdog is in the home stretch of the 2022 season, and moneyline underdogs are usually in high demand. With MLB traditionally having the highest victory for underdog moneylines each season, it’s time to dig into the data for the 2022 MLB Underdog Report. We at Odds Shark love to discover lucrative angles and trends to assist bettors prepare for a long MLB season, and one of our favorite methods to do it in the past has been to pound the underdog moneyline at OKBet Baseball Esports. There are several teams and underdog angles to take advantage of now that we’ve passed the three-quarter mark.

MLB Underdog Moneyline Profits in 2022

MLB Underdog

MLB underdogs win outright 39.9 percent of the time, resulting in a -$8,382.8 return for $100 bettors. Following a bad year for dogs in 2021, it looks we’re on our way to another good year for the baseball favorites. Underdogs have had blips of production, such as the previous two weeks, but there hasn’t been a steady run for the dogs this year at MLB Underdog.

MLB Underdog Profits in 2022

MLB Underdog

This season, the underdog runlines haven’t been as horrible for the dogs, but they’re still not lucrative. Use the following betting trends at OKBet.

Baseball Underdog Report – Weekdays

In general, it’s reasonable to reject such an insane tendency since teams/matchups and many other betting elements change every day, regardless of the date.

MLB Underdog

However, it seems that some days in Major League Baseball betting just work out better for bettors. In 2021, for example, if you had placed $100 blindly on every underdog moneyline only on Tuesdays, you would have profited $4,072.74. Weekends have proven a shelter for underdog MLB gamblers on the runline and moneyline in 2022 at MLB Underdog Betting.

MLB Moneyline Underdogs Report

This graphic is especially useful for our underdog bets since certain teams just outperform others when they are not anticipated to win. The Phillies have been one of the finest MLB underdogs so far. The Phillies have gone on a tear since firing manager Joe Girardi. Despite Bryce Harper’s injuries, new manager Rob Thomson has guided the Phillies to numerous significant shocks and the third-best underdog record in MLB.

MLB Underdog

Keep an eye out for the Baltimore Orioles as well. After bringing up a few top prospects, including catcher Adley Rutschman, the Orioles have played some decent baseball and had a +$2,042.24 profit as a dog this season MLB Underdog Betting.

A lot of MLB handicapping relies on beginning pitching and how a club performs when a certain pitcher is on the mound. Last year, players like Chris Flexen, Carlos Hernandez, and Logan Webb were especially lucrative when their club was not favored, but a new breed of underdog starters has developed in 2022.

Martin Perez of the Texas Rangers has been one of the greatest dog pitchers in MLB this season. Perez has returned +$867.86 to Rangers bettors with a 17-8 record when not anticipated to win. Perez, who entered the season with a lifetime 4.71 ERA, is enjoying the finest year of his career in 2022, and underdog bettors on him have generated a tidy profit.

However, Cincinnati’s Graham Ashcraft has been the finest underdog pitcher this year. With a 10-6 record as a dog, the youthful flame-throwing righty has profited by +$1,003.52 this season.

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